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Christmas holidays 2021

Beginning December 3rd, with every order, you get one of these wood Christmas tree ornaments of the WALL in Austin Texas, where Daniel drew his Jeremiah the frog in 1994.

You can also buy addition ornaments in the Accessories area.

Orders over $50 will get a second gift from stock of miscellaneous goodies we keep, including tote bags, prints, stickers, magnets, and "what-not."

POP QUIZ: In what Daniel Johnston song does he say "what-not?"  Tell us in the comments on your order and get a set of 4 Christmas cards with your order.

ART is pricey, I get it!  We're trying to make some available that collectors might overlook but fans could really enjoy.   If you make the plunge on art, ask for a first time art buyer discount from support@hihowareyou.com.

WITH EACH ART purchase in December, you will receive a COLLECTOR'S edition of the new Hi How Are You gate-fold DUAL LP, and a 4 inch miniature "Jeremiah the frog" RECORD TOPPER (a hand-poured version of Jeremiah the frog), in addition to the other goodies.


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